bitplay Standard CPL Lens


Compatible with Premium HD Wide Angle Lens / Premium HD Telephoto Lens.

When To Use It,
+Water Surface
+Glass / Window Surface
+Dramatic Effect
+Avoid Unwanting Glares

Adapt Your Shots With M52

One of the significant changes for Premium HD Lens series is their ability to work with the M52 filter lens using a standard adapter. The M52 adapter can be used with the CPL filter lens, Gradient lens, or any other filter lens that has a 52mm thread size, making iPhone photography with bitplay even more versatile.

CPL Filter

(M52 Adapter Included)
When to use it:
– Capture blue skies and white clouds.
– Capturing waterfall or flowing water without glare or reflection.
– Avoiding glare on glass/window surfaces to capture objects behind glass.
– Better color rendering and delivering dramatic effect. (Especially when taking pictures in bright lighting)
– Give color a pure vivid hue.