KYUEMON Ceramic Filter


KYUEMON Ceramic Filter 
Indulge in the finer things in life with the KYUEMON Ceramic Filter. Made with great care and impeccable craftsmanship from Aritayaki, Japan, these filters transform the everyday experience of drinking various beverages into a masterclass of comfort. The μ(micrometer) sized pores of the KYUEMON Ceramic Filter purifies your beverage of choice with utmost precision, and can be used on a wide variety of drinks such as coffee, Japanese spirits and even water. Unlock the full potential of flavour from your beverage with the KYUEMON Ceramic Filter.

Enjoy a hassle-free tea drinking experience that also enhances the taste of your tea via an infra-red effect that is present in this porous ceramic filter. All you need is some hot water in a pot, the filter, a cup, and you’re good to go. For a stronger taste, you may also let the tea sit in hot water for a few minutes before pouring it through the filter.
Hydrate yourself to the true flavour of water in its purest and most refreshing form. The extremely fine micropores on the filter is able to remove impurities that are not visible to the naked eye ensuring that the water you consume is safe. As water cascades through the filter, you will also find that certain undesirable odours present in tap water gone, making water as pure as it can be.
Take out the hassle when preparing your favourite cup of coffee. Never worry again about running out of paper filters, as our ceramic filters will strain out the perfect coffee over and over again. From pot to cup, enjoy better coffee with all its aromatic flavours and preserve its intensity by using our ceramic filters. You’ll never drink coffee the same way again.
Mellow out and invigorate common spirits such as sake, soju and whisky with the use of our filters.  Our one of a kind ceramic filter will enhance and bring out previously hidden flavours trapped within these spirits. By passing your alcohol of choice through the fine pours found in our ceramic filters, you will be able to explore uncharted territories never before experienced by your tastebuds.


“A REUSABLE ECO-friendly Ceramic Filter”


1.Pre-warm the ceramic filter by pouring in hot water.

2.Place the ceramic filter on top of the dripper


Daily Cleaning

2.Keep pouring hot water into the filter until the water turns clear.


When the filter is clogged

The drip-brewing of porous ceramic filter might slow down due to the coffee sediments gradually trapped in the pores. The filter needs regular maintenance to

1.After daily cleaning, burn the dry filter by medium gas fire for 15 minutes or less.

2.Cool down the filter for 1 hour or above. Pour in hot water when it is completely cool down.

*In case setting for burning is difficult, please conduct the heating by boiling the filter in a pot of water.