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July – September 2021

Stay active, stay creative! From smartwatches to tablets,
take a stroll through the many selections of products that have graced our store shelves,
and maybe even take your favourite one home.


April – June 2021

Find out what’s new in the world of tech with Urban Republic!
There’s a little bit of everything for everyone- from nifty headphones for gaming,
to the latest smartphones. It’s all here!


January – March 2021

New Year, New Me.
Crush your new years resolutions with Urban Republic,
and find out what new tech we carry that can push you
forwards towards a more productive 2021.


October  – December 2020

We’ve had a bit of a downer year,
but it’s only upwards from here!
With the holiday season upon us,
that means it’s time to shower your
loved ones with gifts galore!


July  – September 2020

Stay safe with our new line of products that help
with disinfection, sanitization and prevention!
Take a stroll through the many new phones that have
graced our store shelves, and maybe even take your
favourite one home.


April  – June 2020

We’re almost halfway through the year! With Mother’s Day
around the corner, be ready to spoil her with our selection
of tech products that are sure to put a smile on her face.
Also for students, head back into campus with our must haves
to kick start your semester.


January – March 2020

Enrich your 2020 with our selection of lifestyle gadgets.
Stumped on what to get your loved one for Valentines?
Look no further than our Valentines gifting guide.
From audio to photography, we have your Valentines
gifting covered with our range of gizmos and tech.


October – December 2019


July – September 2019


April – June 2019